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The United Kingdom Car-Parrinello Consortium (UKCP) is a group of researchers across the UK who develop `first principles' quantum mechanical techniques for studying atomistic systems and apply them to a very wide variety of systems.

UKCP is currently funded as a High-End Consortium by the Engineering and Physics Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Consortium News

  • PhD studentship available
    Applications are invited for a four-year PhD studentship in "Atomistic and Multiscale Simulations of Next Generation Energy Storage Systems", under the supervision of Profs Chris-Kriton Skylaris and Denis Kramer (University of Southampton) and Dr Gilberto Teobaldi (Rutherford Appleton Lab). The project entails large-scale first principles quantum simulations of battery materials. Click here to apply.
  • CASTEP Community Conference 2021
    Unfortunately the 2021 CASTEP Community Conference has had to be cancelled this year due to the continuing poor public health situation with COVID-19. The next CASTEP Community Conference is planned for spring 2022.
  • Materials and Molecular Modelling for Exascale Computing
    UKCP are partners in the recently-awarded "Materials and Molecular Modelling Exascale Design and Development Working Group". This working group brings together the UK materials and molecular modelling community with an international team of experts, in order to plan and prepare to deliver simulations on future exascale high-performance computers. This project is part of Phase 1 of the UK's ExCALIBUR project.

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UKCP is funded by EPSRC